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For the community shoot for the establishing image brief I chose to go to the Diwali celebration they held in Exeter on the 17th of November. Diwali is a hindu festival, also known as the festival of lights. It is celebrated by Hindus and Indians all over the world. It’s the most important festival of the year and is regarded as the start of a new year. It was really fun, they were dancing and you could buy indian food, there was a snake lady there (a lady who had brought a snake with her) and at the end of the day they had a fireworks display. I had a great day, I’m really glad I went and I think it was a good choice for the community brief.

Here’s a few of my photos from the shoot (:





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Person at work

Here are a few of my pictures from the “Person at work” project.

Blowing House Garage, Penryn

This first one is one of my favourites, but I don’t think I can use it because it’s not showing anyone working. It was kinda funny when I took it, because he was standing with his back towards me, talking to the other guys, and I was supposed to take a photo of them. But exactly as I pressed the button he turned towards me asking if I wanted something to drink. So his expression is really natural as he had no idea that I was taking a photo before he turned. I also like the expressions of the guys in the back, and that all three of them are turned towards me.

This is the one I’m going to choose as my final print.

Falmouth Coastguard

I’m probably gonna choose this as my final print from the coast guard.

Kernow Boat Covers, Penryn

And this one of the boat cover maker.

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