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When I went home for Christmas

We got tons of snow the day after I came home. I decided to go outside and make a snowman.IMG_7035

This is from January 1. It was foggy over the water and an amazing light.


This is my cat looking out of the window.IMG_7394

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Here you can see some of the things I’ve been doing the last week, through Instagram

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Stanley Kubrick

I’ve just learned that before Stanley Kubrick became the famous movie director he is known to be he worked as a photojournalist for an american magazine called Look, and he worked here until he started his film career, in around 1950.

I love some of the pictures he took, I think he was really good at conveying emotion. Especially the second one and the last one. The second one is a guy waiting at the dentist’s office, and as a person who is kind of scared of the dentist myself, I think Kubrick has really captured how nervous he looks. The last photo he took when he was 17, and it was the first one he sold to the Look magazine. The photo is of a newsvendor looking sad because of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death in 1945. In addition to the emotion you feel when you look at it, it’s also got a great composition.

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